Enzymes are the foundation of our pets health, they play a very large role in each and every chemical reaction within their bodies, these proteins are vital for life and serve a wide range of important functions in our pet’s body aiding in digestion and metabolism.

In a cannabidiol therapy, cats lack the necessary enzyme called glucuronyl transferase ( a key enzyme) in their liver to digest plant compounds. They do not have the same level of enzymes to digest plants as people can because their system is designed to eat a meat diet, essentially making it harder to metabolize the active compounds.

While the constituents produce a myriad of pharmacological effects in the animal it may lack the therapeutic benefits for our felines if not dosed correctly. Microdosing is essential when applying a cannabidiol therapy for your feline (dosing at 1 drop per pound) this allows their body to effectively process most compounds found in plant forms.

My best to you and your pet!