Healing without the High’s products are amazing, and worked wonders on my ‘special needs’ blue-nosed pup. He’s always had skin issues and suffers from many allergies that affect his coat. His thinning hair, bumps, and itchy-scratchy skin were getting out of control when I first met Goldie. He was licking and chewing his poor little paws, constantly, and I was frustrated since I had already spent thousands of dollars, at many vet clinics, while looking for some answers. She came over for a consult and prepared an amazing regimen for improving his condition. I ordered the products she recommended and stopped giving him the steroids and other medications the vet had prescribed for ‘maintaining’ his condition. She also recommended several simple treatments for easing his itch symptoms. It’s been about 2 months since he’s been on this program, and we’re seeing a LOT of improvements!! His coat has filled in, his itching has ceased, and he’s way more comfortable and happy like a puppy should be!! The combination of the topical spray, and internal CBD serum, have given him so much comfort and improved his quality of life. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Healing without the High, and their products. I definitely recommend this route, especially if you’re frustrated with your conventional vet’s approach of treating the symptoms, and not the problem.

Anna Rose
Portland, OR

I was so desperate to help our dog Chelsey,   her back legs had given out due to arthritis and I guess just plain old age.  My husband and I couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodby to Chelsey without trying our best to help her.  Our vet had recommended cannabis and with a bit of help from others we found out about your line of products. Since giving this tincture to our Labrador Retriever along with a traditional pain pill she has made a miraculous rebound!  Chelsey made it to her 14th birthday on New Years Day.  Although she is still weak in the legs she can walk without assist. She doesn’t seem to be in pain and just doesn’t want to give up.  She asks to go out and walk each day still. Thank you for sending the tincture so quickly and spending time on the phone with me more than once.  Thank you for practically saving our dog even if it’s for just a little while longer.  Your consultation and support was invaluable at a very difficult time. I hope this product and research about it continues for a long time.  

Linda Counts
Tigard, OR

​July 7th, 2016 was a pivotal change in the quality of life that our soon-to-be 14 y/o Vizsla, Gino, would experience thanks to Goldie at Healing Without the High. It was this initial meeting that Goldie introduced us to how cannabis could positively impact the livelihood of our aging Vizsla. Gino was suffering from arthritis in most of his joints in particular his hind legs. He also suffered daily with breathing issues and fluid on in his lungs. Goldie at the time was researching the effects of CBD in animals when we connected. Allowing Gino to participate in this research we set a time to have an in-home visit for an evaluation of Gino and the process. After an informative discussion about how pets rather dogs react to cannabinoids and process these compounds we moved forward with Gino’s treatment plan. It was within the first 12-15 minutes of Gino’s first does that his gate immediately improved and his posture improved. It was nothing that I had thought was going to show such significant improvement in him. We continued with treatment and daily doses for the next several months. Seeing his progression towards a more comfortable state was gratifying and proved to us that Goldie’s tinctures truly were making a difference- so much that our dog walker of over two years commented via text asking if Gino was on a pain management plan. I simply replied with yes he’s in a cannabis study. As the months progressed we increased his dose as we knew his ailments were outpacing his longevity. Goldie kept up with his status with weekly visits and/or check-ins supporting his condition as she felt would best ease him into the next stage of his life over the rainbow. Recently, Gino did pass. I am confident that his end-of-life was made ultimately more comfortable with the help of Goldie- In fact she was there through the end. His 7 y/o rescue brother Russell has been wonderful through the transition but yet still anxious and missing his buddy. With the change of formula, we are treating Russell with one of Goldie’s tinctures helping him to cope and adjust to his current state.  
Alexander Wilmerding
Portland, OR

​I researched Healingwithoutthehigh & their product. I then called Goldie and explained my Weimaraner s problem. He started having seizures, I tried different products over the past months and then after spending about 20 minutes on phone with Goldie, I learned she is , so knowledgeable and a true animal lover. She told me all about her product, the Premium Hemp Pet Tincture. I ordered it, I waited until my guy got anxious, about to have a seizure and followed Goldie’s instructions. I was amazed that after putting drops of the tincture on his tongue of which he liked, he laid back down, the seizure was stopped in its tracks. Since then, which was weeks ago he has had minimal of seizures, in 27 days he had 1. I want to thank Goldie and her product. It’s a fantastic product that ” Works “.  

Lou G.
Nanticoke, PA

Our two dog’s JOJO and Busterbrown’s health has improved considerably with these drops! Busterbrown has degenerative disc disease, since giving him the premium hemp pet tincture he is acting like a teenager again. They look forward to getting their dose, which is a great sign that they are getting some relief from the symptoms they have. Thank you for Healing without the high we love you!
Julia Koerth
Portland, OR